The Little Hocking Water Association, Inc. is a user-owned non-profit association incorporated May 23, 1968.  Little Hocking Water was originally designed as a water supply to serve 364 homes. Due to major and minor extensions and growth, Little Hocking Water is now the largest rural water system in Washington County with over 4,000 water taps serving a population of about 12,000 people. Our growth encompasses 250 miles of water lines, 7 booster pump stations, 8 water tanks and 4 water wells. Our water is treated with chlorine and fluoride as mandated by the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency.A seven member Board of Directors governs the Association. Seats for the Board of Trustees are elected on an alternating basis, every year at the Annual Meeting, which is held on the first Monday in March. Others from the body of customers/members nominate board members. Every customer/member in good standing has the right to vote at the annual meeting. Not only are Board members elected at this meeting, it gives the customers/members a chance to become informed about the operations of the system.