DuPont to provide bottled water reimbursement until more testing is completed

The Little Hocking Water Association (LHWA) learned from DuPont this afternoon that results from DuPont’s  recent C-8 tests show some areas of LHWA’s distribution system have C-8 levels above the U.S. EPA’s “action level” of 0.50 parts per billion. Other results are above non-detectable levels and exceed the carbon filter change-out level of 15 parts per trillion, and are of concern to LHWA.

In light of its test results, DuPont has agreed to continue to pay for bottled water for LHWA customers on a reimbursement basis while further testing is done and DuPont and LHWA evaluate the results.  The reimbursement will be available for all LHWA customers.  Further details about the bottled water reimbursement will be available on Monday, December 3rd.

According to DuPont the bottled water delivery program cannot be continued, and will end today, November 30, 2007.  LHWA’s goal remains removal of C8 and similar compounds (such as C4, C7, and C9) to non-detect levels.  LHWA will continue to urge DuPont to provide alternate water, or treated water free of C-8 and related compounds until that goal is achieved.

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