Effective today, all Little Hocking Water Association (LHWA) customers, and certain private well owners in the LHWA service area, are eligible to buy bottled water and be reimbursed for up to three gallons of drinking and cooking water per day for each person in each household.  All customers and eligible private well owners need to do is save their original receipts and submit a simple claim form for prompt reimbursement. A claim form will be sent to LHWA customers and other eligible participants within two weeks. 
The claim form portion of the bottled water program will terminate once the formal bottled water program is finalized and in effect.  The formal program to provide bottled water for cooking and drinking will continue until the carbon filtration system is operational.  
“This will allow people to immediately start getting free bottled water.  Our customers and others won’t have to wait until we work out the details of the more formal bottled water program,” said Bob Griffin, General Manager for the LHWA.
DuPont has agreed to finance the bottled water program through payments to the Garden City Group, a third-party administrator.  The Garden City Group will report to LHWA.  “The formal program will require no cash outlay by our customers and will include a convenient method for distribution of water to eligible participants.  The program should begin within a matter of weeks,” Griffin said.
All schools are eligible to immediately start buying bottled water and submitting bills to the Garden City Group for reimbursement.  The school bottled water program will remain the same when the formal residential bottled water program is up and running.
Under the residential bottled water program, a family of four will be eligible for up to 84 gallons of water per week.  Eligibility limits for non-residential customers, such as restaurants, will be determined on a case-by-case basis by calling 1-888-404-8013 or emailing at LHWAinfo@gardencitygroup.com
In addition to the LHWA customers, all owners of private wells within the LHWA service area, whose well(s) tested at or above 0.05 ppb for C-8, are eligible to buy bottled water and, if they elect to do so, should save their receipts.  Any questions regarding the eligibility of a private well owner within the LHWA area should be addressed by calling 1-800-281-1454. 
The Garden City Group will mail claim forms and registration forms out within two weeks to LHWA customers and eligible well owners.  The registration forms, which will be used to determine who is eligible to receive free bottled water, should be returned as soon as possible.  Completed claim forms should be returned along with original receipts for prompt reimbursement of purchased bottled water on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  
For further information please call 1-800-275-6544, email at LHWAinfo@gardencitygroup.com, or visit www.LHWAwaterreimbursement.com.