August 16, 2002





Beginning on August 19, 2002, at the request of the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the Little Hocking Water Association, DuPont will conduct a focused field investigation to delineate concentrations of ammonium perfluorooctanoate, also known as C-8, in soil and groundwater in the Little Hocking Water Association well field. 

DuPont plans to measure the concentration of C-8 in both soil and groundwater samples.  These samples will be collected from several new soil borings located in the vicinity of Test Well #4 (TW-4), where the highest concentrations of C-8 have been measured in the well field.  Concentrations of C-8 from TW-4 have ranged from 28.7 to 37.1 parts per billion (ppb).  TW-4 is a monitoring well, which is only used for measuring water table levels and groundwater quality.  TW-4 does not supply drinking water to the Little Hocking Water Association water system. 
In addition, groundwater from ten existing monitoring wells and four production wells will be sampled and analyzed for C-8. Concentrations of C-8, which have been detected in the Little Hocking Water Association drinking water supply wells 1, 2, 3, and 5 range from 0.42 ppb to 7.69 ppb.
Bennett and Williams, an environmental engineering firm from Columbus, Ohio, engaged by the Little Hocking Water Association, will have a representative on-site during the well field investigation.
In addition to the focused investigation in the Little Hocking Water well field, DuPont and its contractor, Potesta & Associates, continue to survey and sample private water supplies in the Little Hocking area to determine the extent and concentration of C-8 in groundwater.  This sampling effort is currently taking place in Ohio within a two-mile radius of DuPont’s Washington Works Plant, which is located in Wood County, West Virginia.
The Little Hocking Water Association remains dedicated to the pursuit and investigation of this problem in order to represent and protect our members and the integrity of our water system to the best of our abilities.