May 10, 2002
News Release #7


The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection announced yesterday that drinking water containing less than 150 ppb of C-8 does not cause harm to humans.  It is our understanding that the documentation, which was used as a basis for the 150 ppb, will be forthcoming in a couple of weeks.
If this number holds up under scrutiny, we are obviously happy that our customers were apparently not subjected to harmful levels of C-8 from their drinking water.   Nevertheless, regardless of the ‘safe’ level of C-8, it is still a chemical contaminant that has invaded our water supplies and does not belong there.
As previously announced, The Little Hocking Water Association has engaged the services of Bennett and Williams, an environmental engineering firm from Columbus, Ohio.  They have already assisted us in evaluating a Work Plan for the investigation of our Test Well #4, which has shown C-8 levels in excess of 33 ppb.  It is our understanding from talking with the Ohio EPA that the investigation around Test Well #4 is still going to proceed.
It is still the goal of the Little Hocking Water Association to investigate this problem in order to represent and protect our members and the integrity of our water system in the best manner possible.